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Tarot T960

Great to carry Prosumer (Mini DSLR) or GoPro for long time filming.

STORM (by HeliPal) Drone 6

Storm Drone 6 is a versatile flying platform, well-built and made for everyone, thanks to the smart GPS system, once it's in mid-air, you can hands off the RC transmitter and it'll stay there. It's so easy to fly, use it for relax and hobby flying, enjoy a Hexacopter in motion, you'll get a smile just to see it cruise in the sky, or put it to work, carrying a complete filming system (FPV Transmitter + Gimbal + GoPro + OSD Module) and shoot some stunning landscape, the Storm Drone 6 won't let you down.

STORM (by HeliPal) Drone 4

Made for Professional Aerial Filming, small enough for carrying around.
Presenting the portable Storm Drone 4 GPS Flying Platform (V3) w/ NAZA V2 GPS in Ready to Fly Package.

STORM (by Helipal) Drone 8

Storm Drone 8 is the smallest Octocopter in the market which supports FPV system, 3-axis gimbal and GOPRO camera. Storm Drone 8 is a 420 class (actually 410mm) Octocopter.

STORM (by Helipal) Drone AntiGravity

The Storm Drone AntiGravity is a light weight, portable 640 class Quadcopter which focus on extended flight time, with the stock 6S 4200mah battery, it can fly for 35 minutes straight (no payload).

SteadiDrone QU4D

SteadiDrone QU4D is a high performance, ultra strong lightweight carbon fibre quadcopter designed specifically for everyday aerial stills and awesome HD video shooting. The new QU4D is specifically developed around the GoPro range of HD cameras and ideal for the GoPro 3 and capturing HD aerial footage like never before! FPV, aerial photography, training and just about every other aerial application you can think of, get those tight action shots anywhere, chase a motorcycle or a car, fly through, under and around obstacles, take it up high for a bird’s eye view or as a first response unit for security, the possibilities are endless.

SteadiDrone QU4D X

Designed as a universal platform for a wide range of applications, the SteadiDrone X features a "rapid deploy" airframe made of lightweight carbon fiber and aluminium. Since it is capable of carrying a payload of over 8 kg, the 4mm mounting plate can be adapated to fit a variety of different gimbals, cameras, and other equipment.

SteadiDrone Flare

The FLARE features a durable carbon fiber construction and a modular design for easy alterations. It comes equipped with an integrated 2-axis brushless gimbal complete with tilt control and an on/off switch powered by AlexMos, and is compatible with the GoPro 3+.

SteadiDrone Mavrik

The SteadiDrone MAVRIK offers the best in medium lift commercial sUAS systems. Compact, reliable and ready for any job with it’s front-mounted rotational gimbal, ‘rapid deploy’ design and other advanced features which make it an ideal everyday working device.

SteadiDrone Vader

The SteadiDrone VADER has been designed to offer the most advanced heavy lifting and long endurance multi-rotor sUAS available with features you simply won’t find on any other system. The VADER is a reliable tool for everyday commercial and/or industrial applications.

Trimble ZX5

Испытанный и проверенный Trimble ZX5 Multirotor создан для быстрого выполнения жестких ежедневных работ, особенно в труднодоступных местах. Он не требует катапульты для запуска и включает в себя все, что необходимо для съемки высококачественных геопривязанных фото для построения цифровой карты местности или инспекции объектов.

Staaker Staaker

Скоростной камеро-дрон, снабжённый искусственным интеллектом.

SkyhawkRC Octocopter Hawk F900

The Hawk F900 is a professional-quality, aerial photography aircraft. Constructed from 3K carbon fiber and composite engineer plastic parts, it features a unique modular design, electronically retractable landing gear with built-in shock absorption components, and folding arms to facilitate easy transport and quick payload alterations.

SkyhawkRC Octocopter Hawk F1000

SkyhawkRC Octocopter Hawk F1000 - это новинка 2016-го года, октокоптер для ведения профессиональной аэросъёмки.

SkyhawkRC Hexacopter Hawk F750

The Hexacopter Hawk F750 is a quasi-professional aerial photography hexacopter aircraft that features a folding design, retractable fuselage, and a dismountable landing skid for quick and easy transport.

SkyhawkRC F700

Made of 3K carbon fiber and industrial plastic, the hexacopter F700 features an optional brushless 2-axis gimbal (complete with stabilization control) for use with the GoPro camera series.


In handy Case is everything you need for use outdoors. Space-saving fit everything into the car. Anyone who wants can also take public transport to use.

MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying-Robot

MULTIROTOR G4 Surveying-Robot - это лучший выбор для проведения геодезических работ и других задач, связанных с определением пространственных характеристик местности и объектов. БПЛА G4 Surveying-Robot в основном применяется для координатного обеспечения картографии, строительства, землеустройства, кадастра, горного дела, геологоразведки и других областей подобной деятельности.


Multifunctional, scalable for every application, hundredfold approved, redundant reliable and very easy handling.


Top-ranking technology for maximum payload: Ultra stable film recordings in 6K cinema format due to the unique MULTIROTOR G4 flight stability. Also ideal for transporting heavy loads.

seaHEX seaHEX

Американский гексакоптер с камерой GoPro Hero 3, способный приводняться.
Построен с повсеместным применением электронных компонентов производства DJI.
Имеется возможность включить в комплект FPV-очки Fat Shark или 10-дюймовый FPV-монитор Black Pearl.

Sci.Aero (TopoDrone) 4Scight

The 2016 4Scight robotic aircraft solution offers an unmatched complete aerial surveying system straight out of the box. It has been purpose built for high precision surveying and post processing in:

-Cadastral Photogrammetry
-Volumes and Profiles
-Digital Terrain Model
-Digital Surface Model
-Seamless Orthophoto Mosaic
-3D Photogrammetry
-Digitised Linework

Sci.Aero cyberQuad

БПЛА «CyberQuad» - это электрические четырехроторные беспилотные летательные аппараты (БЛА) вертикального подъема и приземления (ВПП). Будучи уникальным соединением используемых в БЛА ультрасовременных технологий ВПП, «CyberQuad» сочетают простоту механических частей, низкий уровень шума и маневренность четырех вращающихся роторов с компактностью, безопасностью и эффективностью вентиляторов в кольцевом обтекателе. Обладающие только четырьмя заключенными в безопасную оболочку подвижными деталями, «CyberQuad» требуют минимум технического обслуживания, легко транспортируются и быстро развертываются.

SMD Cloud

Cloud UAV is designed with low wind resistance body structure, made of 3K carbon fiber composite materials, configured with large capacity lithium battery & high efficiency power system. All of these creative design and configuration enable the Cloud to have a long endurance flight and excellent working ability.

SMD Mirage

Китайский квадрокоптер с ультразвуковой системой предупреждения столкновений, камерой 16Мп и мощной батареей, позволяющей находиться в воздухе 30+ минут.

Replay XD Recon

Квадрокоптер от калифорнийской компании Replay XD, производителя action-камер, с 2-х или 3-х осевым стабилизатором на борту.

RC EYE NovaX 350

Experience the combination of unparalleled, stylish design, rigid engineered airframe and innovative flight control characteristics. The NovaX 350 consolidates rigid design, modern aeronautic technology as well as easy maintainability into one outstanding versatile multi-rotor platform. The concept defines to provide pilots an ideal platform for aerial photography applications while maintaining a fresh, different and extremely maneuverable construction allowing even the most challenging acrobatic flight. There is sufficient available surface to mount your favorite camera system such as the RC Logger PRO, GoPRO, SOCAM UltiMate and the X2.

Queen B Robotics Exo360

Компания Queen B Robotics разработала квадрокоптер Exo360, оснащенный пятью камерами с разрешением 4K, которые создают 360° VR видео.

QuadH2O HexH2O

В продажу поступил оригинальный беспилотник HexH2o, способный передвигаться не только по воздуху, но и по водной поверхности.


Fast, agile and waterproof, the ‘ready to fly’ QuadH2O is perfect for fun flying over water. The supplied Sony FPV camera, mounted inside the body (behind the dome) allows you to fly FPV for trilling over water action. Easily mount your favourite action camera (either hard mounted or on a gimbal) to the underside of the QuadH2O and capture your adventures to share with the world.

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