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ISBN 5-903055-09-5 Медведев Е.М., Данилин И.М., Мельников С.Р., 2007


STORM (by Helipal) Drone 8

It's One of a Kind The Storm Drone 8 is a rare breed, it's a 400 class (actually 410mm) Octocopter, just a bit bigger than the DJI Phantom, and it has Eight Rotors!! You can take the Storm Drone 8 out there and start flying easily, one man operation, put it in the truck, even in the front seats of your car, no problem. Usually Octocopter are big, customized, used for heavy lifting and project oriented with a specific purpose, on the other hand, the Storm Drone 8 is a casual drone which is made for everyone. Installed with NAZA V2 GPS system (same with the DJI Phantom series) which is very easy to fly with the same safety and smart features such as Auto Hovering, Fail-Safe Return Home... etc. it's SUPER stable in mid-air even in windy condition, it's great to for Aerial Filming (* Gimbal and FPV package sold separately) and you'll get absolutly beautiful video with this stable platform (seeing is believing, please checkout the video in this page!), besides you can fly fast with this drone, it responds to your input instantly, very direct, this is something we did not expect on a Octocopter but it does, it is great for park flying too. Good on the outside, great on the inside! We find that the Storm Drone 8 is worth every penny, you see for the price you'll get a nicely built fully assembled Octocopter which is ready to fly out of box, there are the DJI NAZA V2 GPS system and RadioLink AT9 9-Channel radio system, if you ever feel the need to upgrade the drone in the future, you can reuse them, these components are not cheap to buy separately, this is another big plus for getting the Storm Drone 8.

Общие сведения
Производитель Storm
Модель Drone 8
Тип мультикоптера Октокоптер
Назначение Аэросъёмка
Первый полёт 2015
Страна Китай
Технические характеристики
Материалы изготовления карбон
Длина, м 0.41
Высота, м 0.21
Взлёт/посадка вертикальные взлёт и посадка (VTOL)
Масса БПЛА, кг 0.94
Максимальная взлётная масса, кг 1.6
Двигатель 8 бесщёточных электромоторов Storm M2204 2300kv
Силовая установка 8 пропеллеров HQ 6035 (4 X CW and 4 X CCW)
Источник питания Storm 11.1В 5500мАч 30C
Лётные характеристики
Дальность полёта, км 1.5
Продолжительность полёта, мин 15
Управление и полезная нагрузка
Целевая нагрузка 3-осевой подвес DJI H3-3D / H4-3D, Walkera G2 / G3, Tarot G-2D + камера GoPro
Камера поддерживаются камеры GoPro Hero
Передатчик RadioLink AT9 w/ R9D 9-Ch Receiver; поддержка FPV, S.Bus, iOSD
Полётный контроллер DJI NAZA-M V2
Навигация GPS (полёт по точкам)
Система автоматического управления БЛА (автопилот) удержание высоты, удержание позиции, автопосадка, "возврат домой"
Бортовая радиосистема БЛА / Модем радиоканал 2.4ГГц
Дальность приёма радиокоманд, км 1.5
Обслуживающий персонал, чел. 1
Стандартное оснащение Fully Assembled Storm Drone 8 GPS Flying Platform; RadioLink 2.4Ghz AT9 Radio System w/ R9D 9-Ch Receiver; 11.1V 5500mah 30C Li-Po Battery; 8pcs Clockwise Blade Propeller (4 of them are spare parts); 8pcs Counter-Clockwise Blade Propeller (4 of them are spare parts); SKYRC E4 Battery Charger; 1.5mm Hex Wrench; 2.0mm Hex Wrench; 10mm Hex Nut Driver Driver (for motor cap); 5.5mm Hex Nut Cross Wrench (for airframe); Battery Anti-Slip Mat; Battery Strap X 2; Battery Voltage Display
Дополнительные опции Spare propellers; Extra battery; Better charger; Flight Data Display; FPV Package; Gimbal; Better Video Signal; FPV Monitor Mount; FPV Goggle
Сайт производителя http://www.helipal.com