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ISBN 5-903055-09-5 Медведев Е.М., Данилин И.М., Мельников С.Р., 2007




Prodrone PD6B-AW-ARM — первый дрон с двумя полноразмерными роботизированными манипуляторами.


Сферы применения:

-Airborne Photography
-Photographic Survey
-Aerial Laser Survey
-Aerial Spraying
-Aerial Supply Drop
-Aerial Transportation


The PD6-AW is a six-rotor system with a maximum payload of 5 kg, making it ideal for professional filming, photography, land surveying, inspections and more. Rain is no match for the all-weather PD6-AW.


PD4-AW представляет собой небольшой четырехроторный беспилотник, способный выполнять полет в любых погодных условиях и даже совершать поверхностные посадки на водную поверхность.


Byrd is crafted with military grade materials and meticulously designed to be able to perform flawlessly in all environments. Byrd is easy to use, built to last and fits into a day pack.

Novadem NX110m

Intended for defense and security markets, the NX110m responds to reconnaissance missions requiring quick and efficient action.

Easy to transport and use, the NX110m fulfills the needs of the most demanding missions. Its imaging day/night (NIR / LWIR) and measuring (gas / radiation / pollution…) systems enable its use in a wide range of applications.

Novadem U130

Adopted for more than five years by the main players in the field of structure inspection, the U130 micro-UAV is a real inspection and airborne measuring tool. The U130 micro-UAV solution integrates into the inspection process, from data acquisition in the field to  data processing and edition of reports.

North American I-Sky

The “I-Sky” makes the sky a world of possibilities.  The I-Sky bigger frame (80 cm diagonally) and higher carrying capacity (up to 5 kg payload) enables the I-Sky to perform a multitude of tasks.

North American Kasper

“Kasper” is the perfect drone for users seeking to capture amazing high quality still and action shots through the use of a gimbal and its compatibility with GoPro cameras.

Veho MUVI X-Drone

The Muvi Drone is incredibly easy to fly, and comes with everything you need to get started. So whether you’re a first time flyer or a professional, the Muvi Drone is the perfect aerial camera system for any camera enthusiast with little or no prior experience. The Muvi Drone has auto locking motors to secure the propellers and also comes with propeller guards. If you’re a first time flyer, or a professional flying in confined spaces, the prop guards will protect against damage or injury.

MOTA Giga-8000

Extended flight time and range with higher payload capability for cameras and sensors, optional DRONE HANDS Flight Management System for autonomous flight and payload handling.

MOTA Giga-6000

Selectable flight patterns, HD video-streaming, follow-me, return home, dual GPS, and more.

Miniwing A380

Miniwing A380, an entry-level drone with incredible functionality to give you amazing footage without any hassle.

At Miniwing, our goal is to create simplicity and incredible functionality, together in a product that our customers will love to use.

GoPro Karma

Известный производитель экшн-камер представил свой собственный квадрокоптер.

Microdrones md4-3000

The microdrones md4-3000 aerial vehicle is a miniaturised VTOL aircraft (Vertical Take Off and Landing). It can fly by remote control or automatically using our GPS Waypoint navigation software.

Microdrones md4-200

Список успешно выполняемых мини-геликоптером задач может быть практически безграничным: начиная с любительских съёмок труднодоступных объектов, и заканчивая сбором информации для различных служб управления и контроля, а также МЧС (при тушении пожаров) и МВД (при отслеживании перемещений членов ОПГ). Безупречность выполнения любых поставленных задач обеспечивается прекрасным, воистину немецким, качеством продукции фирмы «Microdrones GmbH».

Microdrones md4-1000

"Microdrones md4-1000" представляют собой летательные аппараты вертикального взлета и посадки. Несущие винты вертолёта вращаются с одной и той же скоростью во время парения. Смена положения и высоты достигается упорядоченным изменением скорости вращения одного или нескольких несущих винтов. Четыре бесщеточных электродвигателя работают без редуктора и поэтому отличаются чрезвычайно низким уровнем шума (< 68 дБА на удалении 3 м).

Nine Eagles MOLA Fanatic 1

MOLA Fanatic 1 — многофункциональный надежный квадрокоптер. Модель обладает крепким корпусом и простым дизайном. Коптер оснащается 12-мегапиксельной камерой, снимающей в формате Full HD.

Nine Eagles MOLA Tourist 1

Nine Eagles MOLA Tourist 1 — многофункциональный квадрокоптер, который подойдет для детей и взрослых. Он оснащается камерой, записывающей видео в формате Full HD. Вместе с камерой вес коптера составляет около 700 г.

Lockheed Martin Indago

Ведущий производитель крупных беспилотников для военных целей, компания Lockheed Martin, представила новую версию своего маленького квадрокоптера для мобильного наблюдения.  Коптер получил название Indago.

Kaiser Baas Delta

The Delta Drone has been designed to get your GoPro or other Action Camera, up in the air.

Able to carry a GoPro, X-Series Action Camera as well as most other Action Cameras, the Delta Drone lets you capture pro-quality, smooth footage from above.
Fully stabilised with GPS satellite control and with an impressive 17 minute flight time, The Delta can hover and even Return to Home.

JYU Spider X

JYU’s Spider X is collapsible and portable, customized for outdoor enthusiasts. Different from most drones on the market now, it adopts a wrist watch as a control device in place of a remote controller.

JYU Hornet S

The Hornet S opens a new era of aerial photography, giving you the power to take pictures anywhere, anytime and any angle.

Our gimbal is made up of three axes and four shock absorption pads that allow you to smoothly navigate your quadcopter under any circumstance while capturing the perfect shot.
The 4K 25 Frame HD camera makes sure you never miss a single moment during your flight.
JYU designed the Hornet S so that you can transmit pictures from the drone to your phone anywhere within 1,000 meters.

Homeland Surveillance RDASS Q1000

The HSE RDASS is the only UAV helicopter on the market today that has been designed from the ground up with a built in autopilot and navigation system that allows for simple flight and easy use for non-RC users.

Hobby King Quanum Nova

The Quanum Nova Pro represents our commitment to the continued development of our flagship aerial camera platform with one primary goal in mind - to provide our customers with an easy to operate, user friendly drone that is capable of professional flight performance.

Squadrone Systems Hexo+

Hexo+ is your self-flying camera: an intelligent drone and an app designed to create awesome video footage of yourself, without any piloting involved.

Height Tech HT-8 (HT-8 C)

The HT-8 and its variant HT-8 C with pluggable motor arms are the further development of our successful model HT-8-2000. The HT-8 is the best selling drone in our product range and universally applicable.

Height Tech HT-6

The combination of the compact size and a powerful load capacity make the HT-6 the entry-level flying drone for professional photoor heat imaging camera applications.

Freefly CineStar 6

The CineStar 6 offers a smaller footprint, allowing for quicker set-up and disassembly for travel. Drawing on vast experience in the areas of professional aerial cinematography, engineering and manufacturing.

Freefly CineStar 8

The CineStar 8 offers maximum payload and redundancy for heavy lift operations. Drawing on vast experience in the areas of professional aerial cinematography, engineering and manufacturing, FreeFly Systems has created the ultimate aerial platform. Extensive R&D has been invested in the CineStar product line to create a reliable and robust system for aerial video and photo professionals, allowing for longer flight times, heavier payloads and smoother footage.

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