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Freefly ALTA 8

"Сегодня мы запускаем ALTA 8 — самый способный, проворный и профессиональный беспилотник для кино когда-либо созданный. Теперь он имеет большую полезную нагрузку и увеличенное время полета.

То, что начиналось как эксперименты в гараже с группой друзей, выросло в мощную платформу, которую профессионалы используют для съемок кадров, получение которых ранее было просто невообразимо."

Freefly ALTA 6

Дрон Alta представляет собой беспилотный летательный аппарат с шестью несущими винтами, которые обеспечивают грузоподъёмность до 15 фунтов (до почти 7 кг). Этого достаточно для установки на борт камеры High-End-класса, такой как, например, Red Epic, Sony F55 и Alexa Mini, и одной из систем стабилизации семейства MoVI.

SwellPro (Fpvfactory) Splash Drone

Splash Drone is the world's best amphibious & waterproof drone. Packed with useful and practical features it is capable of landing and floating on water.

The Splash Drone is perfect for the outdoor fans that use a GoPro style action camera to capture their adventures however wet or rough.

It's also an ideal tool for ocean farers, lake and ocean scientists, boat owners, professional fishermen, water-sports, and all enthusiasts around the world.

Flytrex Sky

Пока компания Amazon тестирует новую систему доставки, в которой роль курьеров играют дроны, фирма Flytrex уже выпустила в продажу курьерские беспилотники, которые могут переносить небольшие грузы. По словам разработчиков, это первый дрон с подключением к облачному сервису и со встроенным 3G-модулем, который позволяет отслеживать перемещения аппарата и поддерживать его подключение к интернету.


The Journalist was born from the need to develop specialised UAVs for more specific applications. The model features a self-locking folding mechanism that has enabled a flat design, tool-free construction, and easy transportation, and a gimbal that allows for 90° motion up and down while always maintaining a free line of sight thanks to the two-axis balanced design.


Der neue INSPECTOR S ist die kompakte Einstiegslösung für professionelle Inspektionen. Er eignet sich besonders für kleinere Anwendungsszenarien. Ausgestattet mit einer neu entwickelten Flight-Control-Funktion sowie GNSS hebt sich der wendige Flugroboter von anderen Modellen ab. Das hochpräzise Position Hold garantiert einen noch komfortableren und benutzerfreundlichen Einsatz.

EHang Ghost 2.0

Китайский производитель дронов Ehang представил новую модель – Ghost 2.0. Это потребительский дрон, который оснащается камерой с поддержкой 4K-видеозаписи и поставляется в комплекте с очками виртуальной реальности. Последние позволяют в полной мере насладиться отснятыми камерой кадрами и полностью погрузиться в полет.

EHang Ghost Aerial (1.0)

The GHOST drone is designed to be flown using waypoint navigation instead of a traditional remote control. Using your smartphone or tablet, you simply tap a location on the in-app map, and the GHOST drone will fly there. GHOST Aerial drone comes with a 2D Brushless Gimbal so you can take amazing aerial shots. The Gimbal houses an Ehang Sports camera but fits all editions of the GoPro and other similar size cameras, and includes an auto-levelling function to ensure smooth and stabilized images. A Micro SD card is included with the camera.

DJI Inspire 1 Pro / RAW

Основное преимущество нового коптера DJI Inspire 1 Pro - это его новая беззеркальная компактная камера, которая разработана специально для профессиональной съемки (фотографы, кинематограф). Подвес Zenmuse X5 позволяет снимать абсолютно стабильное видео в формате 4К и делать фотографии с разрешением 16МП. При этом в приложении доступны все настройки камеры, такие как фокусное расстояние, выдержка и др.

Blade Chroma

Новинка является плодом сотрудничества двух известных производителей радиоуправляемых летательных аппаратов – Horizon Hobby из США и Yuneec из Канады.

Autel Robotics X-Star Premium

Autel's X-Star Premium Drone records 4K video at 30fps/1080p at 120fps and has a 3-axis gimbal for camera stability. It also features an HD live view from the camera, GPS and GLONASS for positioning smart autonomous flight features. Autel includes a 64GB microSD card for storage and a hard-shell backpack for travel.

Autel Robotics X-Star

The X-Star is a sophisticated yet amazingly easy-to-fly quadcopter, designed for superb aerial imagery. The 4K camera, integrated with a 3-axis stabilized gimbal, can record crystal clear Ultra HD videos or take 12 MP photos. An intelligent flight control system and autopilot functions power the quadcopter. It stays safe with precision positioning via dual satellite navigation and our Starpoint Positioning System.

Atlanta Hobby Vortex

The Vortex is an AtlantaHobby.com exclusive, designed in conjunction with MN Aerospace. This advanced hexacopter combines best-in-class flight durations, incredible performance, unparalleled stability, and a degree of customization options unprecedented in any other UAV. Over a year in development, the Vortex has been exhaustively tested in some of the world’s most brutal conditions.

Aries BlackBird X10

Разработка китайской "АЕЕ" для компании производителя камер "Adorama". Основой для модели послужил дрон АР10.

Allied Drones Nemesis (HV44)

The HV44 is an unlimited endurance electric powered UAV platform ideally suited for industrial inspections, oblique photogrammetry, RF relay, law enforcement, and checkpoint security applications.

Allied Drones Chaos (HL48)

Constructed with a VTOL carbon fiber airframe and a “coaxial” rotor configuration, the HL48 "Chaos" boasts both a compact design and an accessible configuration. The platform features a one-piece, carbon fiber central hub with quick release toggle attachment clamps for each of the motor booms, allowing for quick assembly and deconstruction without the aid of tools.

Allied Drones Nemesis (HL88)

Featuring a VTOL carbon fiber airframe and a “flat” rotor configuration for superior thrust and stability, the HL88 "Nemesis" is specifically designed to carry a wide range of payloads up to 18 lbs, including thermal sensors, cameras, and gimbals.

Allied Drones AT44 HornetCam

The AT44 is the first of the new AT-series of entry level commercial UAVs from Allied Drones. Designed to be simple, robust, easy to operate and yet a very capable platform, the AT44 is a great value.

Allied Drones Atlas (EF44)

The EF44 is a high endurance battery powered UAV platform ideally suited for surveying, mapping, inspections, and precision agriculture data gathering. This UAV is capable of fully autonomous missions of up to 60-minute duration with payload.

Airborne Robotics AIR6

We’ve been offering the current AIR6 model since mid-2013, based on our many years of experience in the development and construction of multi-rotor camera systems for commercial customers. It’s a six-motor all-rounder that can be specially customized to suit our clients’ requirements. Even in its basic configuration, the AIR6 offers numerous features that other manufacturers  activate at an premium cost, or which must be  purchased as an additional accessory.

Airborne Robotics AIR8

The AIR8 is a new design based on our many years of experience in the development and construction of multi-rotor camera systems for commercial customers. Our target customers are professional film producers, photographers with heavy SLR systems, and industrial customers who need to transport various measuring instruments or high-resolution thermal imaging cameras.

Aibotix Aibot X6

Партнер корпорации Leica Geosystems, компания Aibotix GmbH выпустила вторую версию своего коптера бестселлера Aibot X6 V2. Это легкий беспилотник является идеальным дополнительным решением безопасное отображения 3D и осмотра недоступной инфраструктуры, таких как линии электропередач, мосты, плотины и электростанции.

Aeronavics XM-6

The Aeronavics XM-6 Ti-QR Professional Multirotor Helicopter is an iconic aerial robotic workhorse, Camera Weight Class 500 – 1000 grams ( 1 – 2 Lbs ). Extensive R&D has been invested in the Functional Design and Cosmetic Appeal of the XM Titanium Series resulting in a practical yet high-performance craft.

Aeronavics SkyJib-8

The Aeronavics SkyJib-8 Ti-QR Professional Multirotor Helicopter is an iconic aerial robotic workhorse designed for payloads up to 5 kg. Designed with field operations in mind it is easy to pack down and deploy with quick release components. The craft is made from high quality carbon composites and aircraft grade alloys including Titanium. The several camera mounting options accommodate a variety of cameras and offer smooth and fully stabilized footage. The SkyJib 8 is worldwide renowned as the platform for cameras such as the RED Epic and has assisted in many Hollywood productions and other professional film projects.

Aeronavics SkyJib-X4

The Aeronavics SkyJib-X4 Ti-QR Professional Multirotor Helicopter is an iconic aerial robotic workhorse designed for payloads up to 3.5 kg. Designed with field operations in mind it is easy to pack down and deploy with quick release components. The craft is made from high quality carbon composites and aircraft grade alloys including Titanium.

AeroVironment Qube UAS

Qube is one of the latest innovations from AeroVironment, built on 25 years of experience providing Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to the military. AeroVironment has captured the same military ruggedness that makes our UAS the most prolific in the market but simplified the operating control system, making it ideal for the needs of law enforcement, fire and first responders. When it comes to a professional grade, mission-critical UAS built for extended and repeated use, AeroVironment delivers. Qube is easy to operate, with advanced features not found on off-the-shelf systems.

Aerialtronics Altura Zenith

The Altura Zenith sets a precedent for the design of unmanned aircraft systems, by combining state of the art technology with remarkably flat, compact and lightweight design. Starting from scratch enabled the generation of a radically novel idea: developing a multirotor aircraft system that can meet a wide variety of application requirements without compromising on design.


The ATI Ag550 is an incredibly versatile and durable hexacopter with multiple sensor/camera options. Capable of flying pre-programmed flight patterns for up to 25 minutes per battery (depending on payload), the F550 provides an affordable and efficient solution for new drone operators.

ATI Thor X4

Need to fly a Alexa Mini, Canon C300 or Sony Fs700? You need the Thor X4, ATI’s most advanced octocopter to date.


The AgBOT is a durable, industrial grade drone designed for aerial use in agricultural operations.

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