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ISBN 5-903055-09-5 Медведев Е.М., Данилин И.М., Мельников С.Р., 2007


Гиперспектральная камера Specim AisaEAGLET

An airborne hyperspectral imaging system with the best form factor of the AISA range. Specifically designed for installation onboard manned or unmanned airborne platforms. AisaEAGLET provides a full, contiguous VNIR datacube with 1 600 pixels across the swath. The range of fore optics enable us to adapt the FOV to the project requirements with minimized flying costs. Adjustable frame rates up to 160 FPS enable you to fly at the most economical speed while acquiring imagery at the optimum exposure and square pixel form in both the flying direction and perpendicular to it.