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ISBN 5-903055-09-5 Медведев Е.М., Данилин И.М., Мельников С.Р., 2007


Гиперспектральная камера Specim AisaEAGLE

AisaEAGLE is SPECIM’s high-performance airborne VNIR pushbroom hyperspectral system in the 400 - 1 000 nm spectral range. AisaEAGLE has become the reference in the hyperspectral imaging mapping thanks to its extraordinary spectral resolution of 3.3 nm and up to 488 spectral channels that allow detecting the finest spectral signatures. AisaEAGLE provides the highest performance in terms of signal dynamic range, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), image rate and resolution. To fulfil each application’s needs of FOV, AisaEAGLE is available with various lenses that can be easily exchanged by the sensor user.