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ISBN 5-903055-09-5 Медведев Е.М., Данилин И.М., Мельников С.Р., 2007


Термальная камера Specim AisaOWL

The AisaOWL is a fast pushbroom hyperspectral system designed to provide the remote sensing market with a high performance LWIR hyperspectral imager in the smallest achievable size. The AisaOWL cooling, so important to any proper LWIR sensor, is achieved through a stirling cycle cooler, greatly reducing complexity and achieving a sensor weight of only 13.1 kg. Thanks to its design and sensitivity, AisaOWL captures all its spectral bands for the whole 384 swath-width of pixels simultaneously, and sustain the 100 frames per second storage speed of the whole datacube continuously. As a result, high sensor or target dynamics are possible without degradation of image quality.